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Adjusting a website's brand colors and fonts
Adjusting a website's brand colors and fonts

How to edit a website's brand colors and fonts to automatically style dynamic ConvertFlow templates

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When creating a campaign in ConvertFlow, there are "default" templates for the primary types of conversion campaigns marketers create in ConvertFlow.

These default templates are dynamic, meaning they'll automatically inherit the set brand colors and font.

Setting brand colors to personalize dynamic templates

On the website's settings page, the options to edit the brand colors and fonts are found. Here is where the brand's light, dark, and vibrant colors, as well as the headline and paragraph fonts, can be set and saved:

Setting the vibrant color will automatically style ConvertFlow's dynamic templates:

When selecting one of ConvertFlow's dynamic templates and creating a campaign, the template will be automatically customized with the correct color code:

NOTE: Adjusting the brand colors won't retroactively change all of the existing campaigns using website brand colors.

Using your website's brand colors when designing

The color codes set for the website's brand color settings will be accessible from the color picker interface found in ConvertFlow's campaign builder, making it fast and easy to stay on-brand:

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