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Integrating email & SMS marketing service providers
Integrating email & SMS marketing service providers

Connecting integrations, adding automations, mapping contact fields and refreshing dropdown lists

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Before going live with ConvertFlow on your website, we recommend integrating your email & SMS service providers.

Connecting integrations

In your website navigation, go to Settings > Integrations to find your integrations and follow the instructions to connect with your tools:

Once you've integrated a tool, ConvertFlow will pull in info like your tags, lists, custom fields, etc. to enable dropdowns for mapping fields, adding automations, and for targeting conditions:

ConvertFlow will also start a 2-way contact syn, to push new contacts to your marketing tools, and pull contact fields and segmentation info for targeting and personalization.

Contacts will be pushed with your marketing tool when they submit forms, quizzes, and surveys when their email/phone is known.

To learn how to make the most of your integration with ConvertFlow, go here for integration tutorials →

Mapping ConvertFlow contact fields

Once you've connected a marketing CRM, you'll have the option to map custom field values for the remaining ConvertFlow contact fields doesn't have an official contact field to map to.

To push this additional contact info, such as their location fields, attribution sources, etc, head to your integration in the list.

Then, click fields and you'll be able to see the remaining contact fields ConvertFlow isn't able to map to that integration's API, and paste custom field values that you choose:

Refreshing integration dropdown data

What if you add a new tag, list or custom field in your integration, and ConvertFlow doesn't yet show it in the interface?

Just click the "Resync" link next to your integration's logo, and ConvertFlow will get the latest data from your integration:

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