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πŸŽ₯ How to use the funnel builder
πŸŽ₯ How to use the funnel builder

Editing content, styling the theme, managing sections, dark mode and more.

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When you create a campaign in ConvertFlow, you'll be taken to the funnel builder.

For your campaign, from the funnel builder, you can style the theme, manage funnel steps, edit/duplicate/remove content, and much more.

Using the canvas

To dive right in, focus your mouse on what you want to select.

You'll see the ability to move the content up or down, as well as edit, duplicate, or remove it.

Content can be dragged and dropped by clicking and dragging it to where you'd like.

You'll find the builder canvas has 3 types of content to manage:

Funnel steps

Funnel steps are shown 1 step at a time, and are progressed through by clicking conversion elements and with funnel logic.


Each funnel step is made up of sections. Each section has 4 columns, with multiple column layout options. Style the section container, as well as each column.


Each section column can have elements. To learn how to use the 20 element types, go to the element tutorials.

Content is automatically mobile responsive, however you can always customize for mobile devices.

Zooming in and out

You can pan and zoom around the builder canvas using your mouse/trackpad, as well as zoom out using the zoom controls in the toolbar to the top.

Desktop and mobile mode

In the toolbar, you'll find icon buttons to switch the builder between desktop and mobile editing modes.

Saving & publishing

Use the save button to the top right to save your changes.

When all of your changes are saved, this will switch to a button to publish your changes. Use the publish button to stage when changes reflect for live campaigns.


Click the preview button to see and test out your saved changes before publishing.

You can switch between desktop and mobile preview to test it out on mobile.

Managing your funnel

To the left, you'll find the builder panel. Here you can manage everything.

By clicking to manage the funnel, you'll get a high-level view of your funnel steps.

Here you can position, edit, or add funnel steps.

If you have any errors with your funnel, these will be highlighted here, so you can quickly resolve them.

Managing your theme styles

Click to manage your theme styles, and you'll find design settings for the campaign container, headlines, paragraph, buttons, forms, quizzes, products, and more.

Your theme styles are the default styling used across your campaign, which can be overridden by adjusting an element's design.

Managing content

By clicking to the content manager, you'll see all of your sections and elements as layers that you can edit, position, duplicate, or remove, as well as display for the desktop/mobile.

Once you click to edit an element, you'll find its content settings.

Switch the panel to the design tab to customize spacing and design styles for that specific element, overriding the respective theme styles.

Campaign settings

Click to manage your campaign settings, and here you'll find various settings such as:

  • Popup trigger settings

  • Advanced settings

  • Custom code placement

Creating new content

You can add new content to the builder either by clicking the + Add icon in the builder canvas, or by clicking to create content from the left.

Here you'll see all of the types of elements you can create.

To create an element from scratch, drag it into the section column you want it to display inside.

Or, if you want to start with an element template, click the element type to find a list of templates we've created for you.

The same applies for creating sections and funnel steps.

Use the tabs to navigate to see funnel step templates and section templates.

Then, either click to add them to your funnel, or drag them into position.

Light/dark mode

To the bottom left, you'll find an icon to switch between light and dark mode.

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