Creating, duplicating, and managing campaign variants to run A/B tests

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From a campaign's overview page, you can add more variants to your campaign to run split-tests.

Duplicating a variant

The easiest way to begin a split-test is to duplicate an existing variant, and then make the changes you want to test for that variant.Β 

This is great for micro split-testing, such as testing headlines, buttons, colors, etc.

Adding a variant with a different template

You can also add a new variant using a different template by clicking the green "New Variant +" button.

You'll then be able to choose from templates of the same campaign type.

This is ideal for macro split testing, such as testing entirely different content layouts, offers, and more.

Managing variant traffic percentage

Once you have multiple variants, you can set a traffic percentage by typing a number from 0-100 in the "Traffic" field.

To deactivate a variant entirely, set its traffic percentage to 0.

Split testing type

You can also control which type of split-test you'd like to run, by clicking Options > Settings for the campaign.

Cookied – This split-test type is useful when you want to ensure visitors who see a campaign multiple times always see the same variant they had originally seen.

Round-robin – This split-test type is useful when you want to display different variants to visitors who see a campaign multiple times, based on the traffic percentage you've set.

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