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Getting site-wide funnel reports & list growth insights
Getting site-wide funnel reports & list growth insights

How to report on site-wide conversion funnel performance, top campaigns, referral sources, UTMs and more

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In your site dashboard in ConvertFlow, click on the "Insights" page and you'll find your website's conversion performance and list growth insights.

Each report in the overview and each category can be filtered by date.

Conversion funnel performance

Top Campaigns

This page will show how the website's campaigns are performing based on different objectives like score, views, conversions, revenue, etc.

List growth insights

Custom Fields

A summary of how many people have submitted custom field data, and specific answers, across all of your campaigns.

Subscribe Pages

This page contains the most used pages to convert website visitors:

Landing Pages

The most used landing pages will be ranked in order of most used to least.

Referral Sources

This page will have a summary of the most common referral sources for the campaigns on the website.

First-touch UTMs

This report will show the most used first-touch UTMs segmented by source, medium, etc.

Contact Tags

Here all the tags used across all campaigns will be ranked from most to least added.

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