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Targeting & personalizing funnels for Klaviyo
Targeting & personalizing funnels for Klaviyo

Personalizing your store's offers, website content, funnel paths, and product recommendations for Klaviyo subscriber segments

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By using ConvertFlow's funnel builder for Klaviyo, you can target campaigns and personalize your landing pages, popups, quizzes, product recommendations, and more, for your Klaviyo subscribers.

For example:

  • Improve profits by excluding existing subscribers from seeing your welcome offer popup and getting another discount

  • Boost AOV with product quiz funnels that skip the form step of the quiz for known subscribers to increase completion

  • Increase checkouts for product announcements by personalizing your offers and product display pages with each subscriber's first name

  • Increase LTV by showing product recommendations offers to returning shoppers in your Klaviyo "Customers" segment

Klaviyo targeting conditions

Once you've connected your Klaviyo account, you'll now find these Klaviyo subscriber targeting conditions enabled: 

  • If person is subscribed to list in Klaviyo

  • If person is NOT subscribed to list in Klaviyo

  • If person is a member of segment in Klaviyo

  • If person is NOT a member of segment in Klaviyo

  • If custom field contains value in Klaviyo

  • If custom field does NOT contain value in Klaviyo

Use these conditions to target your ConvertFlow campaigns and personalize your website funnels.

Klaviyo website personalization merge tags

Contact merge tags used in your funnel's content can display your Klaviyo subscriber's name, custom fields, etc.

Identifying Klaviyo subscribers on your website

ConvertFlow syncs a visitor's tracking with their Klaviyo subscriber record when either... 

  1. The visitor submits a ConvertFlow form

  2. The visitor visits your website with their Klaviyo ID in the URL

This means once ConvertFlow is installed on your website, you'll be able to target all of your new subscribers by their Klaviyo segmentation. 

If you also want your existing Klaviyo subscribers to be identified in ConvertFlow for targeting, you can append their subscriber ID to all of your Klaviyo links using a setting.

ConvertFlow will automatically use the Klaviyo profile ID to identify Klavyo subscribers clicking through to your site, so you can target product recommendations and personalize your funnel for them based on their Klaviyo segmentation.

To do this, in Klaviyo go to Settings > Other > UTM Tracking.

Then, add a "UTM Parameter". Name it klaviyo_id and set both the "campaign value" and "flow value" to "Klaviyo profile id".

This will append to all of your email hyperlinks automatically, like so:


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