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Saving & targeting visitor segments

How to saving dynamic visitor segments and reuse them in your campaigns

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Ever find that you're repeating yourself adding the same ConvertFlow targeting conditions over and over, to include and exclude certain segments of your visitors from seeing your campaigns?

Using ConvertFlow's dynamic visitor segments tool, you can predefine visitor segments using targeting conditions so that you can reuse these visitor segments as many times as you want in your campaigns.

How to create a visitor segment

To create a visitor segment, head to Settings > Segments, click the green "Add +" button, and then name your new visitor segment.

For example, you may create a visitor segment called "Klaviyo Contact With Items In Cart". 

Defining the segment conditions

Then, once you've created the segment, you can now add targeting conditions to include everyone who has items in the cart.

Targeting the visitor segment

Now when launching campaigns, you would add just one targeting condition using the If person is in visitor segment condition type, to target that visitor segment. 

The conditions for the segment will be automatically re-used, so that way you don't have to add them to each campaign you create targeting that visitor segment, saving lots of time doing repetitive conditions work.

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