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How to create social media button links
How to create social media button links

Creating side-by-side social media buttons

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Having social media buttons on landing pages and other campaigns is important for visitors to engage with a business across all channels.

Social media buttons can be added as hyperlinked images in a text element that won't get tracked in campaign stats or buttons, that not only track interactions, but also have all the features available to button elements.

  1. Start by adding a row to the area where the social media links should go in the campaign:

  2. Then, split the row into three columns to fit the buttons on the bottom right corner of the campaign and set the row's background color to 0% opacity:

  3. Within the third column, add another row, set the background color to 0% opacity, and split the row into three columns:

  4. Add the social media icons to each column in the third row, either in a text or button element. Then use the button's Manage Actions to redirect to each social media platform or in the case of text element, hyperlink the image to each platform's URL:

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