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Can an image perform actions and have conversions tracked?
Can an image perform actions and have conversions tracked?

How to add an image to a button

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Adding an image to a button could come in handy when creating social media buttons for a landing page or making an image in a campaign perform all the actions and automations of a button.

To track an image click, add the image to a button element instead of using the image element. Follow these steps to create a trackable image:

Create a standalone button element:

Double-click the button text and a small editing menu appears at the bottom. Select the image icon and the image uploader window will pop up:

Add an image and it will be optimized for the button area (size: 5MB max):

NOTE: Adding images to form, survey, and quiz buttons is also available.

Use the button's “Actions” and choose the action you’d like to be triggered when the image is clicked:

Now the image clicks can be tracked. To learn how to access a campaign's stats, please refer to the Reporting on how your campaign is converting article →

NOTE: If the button doesn’t have text the campaign stats will only show as “Button”, but buttons will show in the order they are shown in the campaign. We suggest adding a text identifier to the button with 0% opacity, just as a label for the image:

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