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Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

Common chat questions, quick answers

Can a background color, opacity, and image be edited?How to edit a campaign's different backgrounds
Can a button on a website open a ConvertFlow campaign?How to trigger a popup using a button on a website
Can a campaign variant be used in another campaign?Using campaign variants as a template
Can a hyperlinked text track conversions?How to track conversions on a hyperlinked text
Can an account and data be deleted?How to delete an account and data
Can anchor links be added to a landing page?Jumping to a section of a landing page by clicking a link or button
Can an image be hyperlinked?How to hyperlink an image with no tracking
Can an image perform actions and have conversions tracked?How to add an image to a button
Can an IP address be excluded from targeting?Excluding IP addresses from targeting
Can a paid plan and tier be upgraded or downgraded?How to upgrade or downgrade a plan and tier
Can a paid subscription be paused?How to pause a subscription for a period of time
Can a subscription be canceled?How to cancel a subscription or trial
Can ConvertFlow be used for feedback or live chat?Live chats and visitor feedback in ConvertFlow
Can ConvertFlow data overriding ESP data be prevented?How to stop ConvertFlow data overriding other platform data
Can different device versions of a campaign or element be created?Displaying separate mobile and desktop campaigns
Can the close icon be edited?Editing a campaign's default close icon
Can the default country for the phone number field be changed?How to set the default country for the phone number field
Can the website registered on ConvertFlow be edited?Changing/editing the website URL in an account
Can videos be added to a campaign?How to add a video to a campaign
How are default actions and automations added to a button?How to add default actions and automations to button, form, survey, or quiz
🎥 How can the admin widget be used?How to use the admin widget to check campaign, conditions, and contact info
How does exit intent work on mobile?How to trigger an exit intent popup on mobile
Why does a pricing popup show when trying to use a feature?Feature-gate showing when trying to use a feature
Why is my integration's targeting data not updating?Why is my integration's targeting data not updating?