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Conditional actions - Defining funnel logic and paths
Conditional actions - Defining funnel logic and paths

Using conditional logic for funnel paths, conditional automations, scripts etc.

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Conditional actions allow you to perform actions for visitors who meet the conditions you've defined when they complete a conversion element.

To add a conditional action, go to the "Actions" tab in the builder panel while editing a conversion element, and click "+ Add Conditional Action".

Defining the conditions

Once you've added a conditional action, add the conditions that must be met for the actions to be performed.

For example, if you were surveying your visitors on how many push-ups they can do, whether they can only do 0-5, or 6-15 push-ups, you could redirect them to an offer page based on their fitness level.

So you would add conditions for if their "push-ups" answer is either "0 to 5 push-ups" or "6 to 15 push-ups".

Pro tips:

  • Using funnel scoring, conditional actions can be used to guide people through different funnel paths, based on scores assigned to their answers and field values.

  • For conditional actions, you can also use the same condition types you use for targeting campaigns to website visitors. This means conditional actions can be performed in very specific scenarios you define, such as if a form is submitted on a specific page, or if the person is already tagged as a customer, etc. This helps you personalize the outcomes of your campaigns and landing page funnels for any type of visitor segment you may define.

Setting the confirmation action

When the conditions of a conditional action have been met, when someone completes the form, button, or survey, the action type of that conditional action will be performed instead of the default action.

Here are some of the action types you can choose to perform:

  • You can choose to redirect your visitors to a URL

  • Show another funnel step

  • Display a thank you message

  • Display another campaign you've created in ConvertFlow

  • Open an SMS message to a phone number

Select the action type you want to perform if the visitor meets the conditions, and you'll be able to enter the details.

Conditional automations & scripts

The automations added to the default action of your conversion elements will always run for visitors.

However, if a conditional action is performed because a visitor has met the conditions you had defined, the automations added to that conditional action will also run.

This helps you conditionally run automations in your integrations, such segmenting contacts based on certain answer combinations.

You can also run specific scripts in this conditional scenario, such as firing a certain conversion pixel or tracking a specific analytics event.

Complex quiz outcomes

Reduce complex quiz scenarios by ordering your quiz answers alphabetically, and use conditions such as:

If answers are mostly A

These types of conditions help define conditional scenarios for quiz takers who mostly answer with options positioned alphabetically.

For example:

If answers are mostly B, redirect to bundle B

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