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Skip logic - Skipping funnel steps for returning visitors
Skip logic - Skipping funnel steps for returning visitors

Adding skip logic to funnel steps using conditions

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Skip logic helps you progress visitors to the right funnel step based on their previous progress, or any other condition you define.

Skip logic applies when reaching a funnel step. This is unlike conditional actions, which apply when clicking a conversion element.

When to use skip logic

Opt-in example:

Let's say you had a 2-step page funnel. The first page gates content behind a form, and the 2nd page delivers the content to the opt-in.

If someone completes the form to access the content and returns to the landing page the next day, you can use "Skip Logic" to skip them right to the content delivery page.

However, if they copy the URL and link a friend to your page, their friend will still have to complete the form on the first step to access the content.

Quiz funnel example:

With quiz funnels, some of your visitors will drop off.  What happens if they come back?

Instead of making them answer all of the questions again, you can use skip logic to skip them to the right funnel step, to pick up from where they left off.

Adding skip logic to a funnel step

To add skip logic, click to manage your funnel, and click to edit a funnel step.

You can then click to "+ Add Skip Logic".

A modal will appear, and you can click "+ Add Skip Logic" to define multiple scenarios where you want to skip the visitor to another funnel step, if they meet the conditional scenarios you define.

The most common condition would be if they already completed the current step you're adding skip logic to, however, you can use any other condition type to skip visitors.

For example, if the person has a known contact, you could skip the form step of your funnel.

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